Who stands behind this nonprofit project?

Dikla Ender-Fox (PhD) an entrepreneur, a cognitive psychologist with vast experience teaching in academic college for teachers' education. A believer in experimental learning, meaningful education and kids' creativity.


What is the agenda of this project?

This is a nonprofit project Dikla invests in on her spare time because she believes that when children have to produce a video on a topic, they will have to learn it in a deep and meaningful way, think of creative ways to introduce it and deal with the technical issues of producing a video. We want to give this meaningful learning a stage, give the kids the international recognition of their work and effort. Kids explain other kids subjects in a way that kids can understand best, and there is no limit to the creativity that we see when we just give them the chance to express themselves.

Who can send a video for evaluation? All children around the world, ages 5-18. Initially videos can be uploaded for evaluation in English or Hebrew. We hope that in the future it will be possible in all languages.


How can I send a video for evaluation? 

Please go to https://kids-academy.org sign to the website and go to the 'upload your video'. Click on the '+file' and upload your video from your computer.

Another option is to upload it for evaluation to 'The Online International Kids Academy' group on Facebook.

If you want to upload a video but you run into problems, please contact us at: kidsteachvideo@gmail.com


How long should the video be?

Please upload videos up to 5 minutes long.


What are the topics that will be evaluated?

All k-12 material and any additional educational content. You can tell about a subject, you can demonstrate, instruct etc. You can do it in any creative way. Puppet shows, comics and other options which do not show the children in person are also welcome.


Does it cost money to participate?

No. Sending a video for evaluation and have your video presented in our channel and website are totally free of charge.


Can I delete my video from the website and channel if I regret uploading it?

Yes. If you regret it and don't want your video to show – please contact us and we will have it removed.


Where can I find a parent consent form?